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Here’s how we got started…

Zendo Digital started as two colleagues looking to make a difference in modern business. Through a cumulative twenty years experience in marketing and business strategies, we hope to utilize our specific skills in providing businesses with better, easier, options in an ever changing world. Starting with our marketing practices through Facebook we’ve since spread our knowledge base in greater depth.

With strong foundations in all social media sites, we’ve since grown to other areas. Our lead marketing strategist has worked with myriad businesses, helping to propel businesses from small operations, to multi-million dollar entities.

From a penchant for data driven development, we decided to expand our operation to include all facets of digital strategy. From this drive, we gained a talent for minimalist yet strong data analytics and web design.

We relish the opportunity to dive in, and help you enjoy the feel of letting us do the heavy digital lifting.

Our Features

Social Media

We’ll create your social media profiles, generate engaging content, and reach a broader spectrum of clientele for your business.


Search Engine Optimization is the art of having your site reach the widest group of clients possible. Use our services, and we’ll make sure you cast the widest net possible.

Web Design

Our team creates stunning, modern websites to propel you business forward. Fully tailored custom sites to suit your eyes and budget.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. We specialize managing every aspect of your online persona. From responding to reviews or reaching out to clients directly, we are in the business of making your life easier.

Our Teams


The Reach Dojo

Our experienced team of marketing gurus seek to expand your brand awareness. We do so by learning the elements of your business from the inside-out, and designing a digital marketing presence for you to increase conversions and sales.


The Technical Dojo

Our team of developers aim to leverage modern technologies to reach more customers. We utilize consumer data for increased retention of clients, while also gleaning a more efficient way of implementing businesses strategies.